2016 Reading Goals

It’s a new year and Im a little late getting back into blogging. I Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. This year I have attempted to lay out for myself a goal of books I MUST read before starting any others, and I must read them in order.


First off we have Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics volume one parts one and two study edition. Im almost finished with the first study book and It is life changing!

Next we have G.C. Berkouwer’s “Studies in Dogmatics”on Holy Scripture

Moving along we have Ladd’s New Testament Theology standing in until Calvin’s Institutes arrive in the mail at which time Ladd will find himself swiftly removed.

After that we have George Smeaton on the Apostle’s and Christ’s doctrine of the atonement. Very excited for these!

Then we have Otto Webber’s “Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics” which Barth himself said is one of the only authors to ever actually understand his theology.

Next comes Geerhardus Vos’ “Reformed Dogmatics”. These are newly translated and available in hardcover thanks to Lexham press.

Following that we have a volume of early Charles Spurgeon sermons to keep me humble in my preaching.

Then “Puritan Evangelism” by Joel Beeke which promises to be a helpful primer on the Puritan practice.

After this we have a book on Bonhoeffer’s theology called “Christ for us in the Theology of Bonhoeffer”. This looks really good!

Next up is the Loeb Classics library addition of Augustine’s confessions in Latin and English. I have yet to read this classic and am really looking forward to it.

Then we have volume six of Thomas Goodwin’s collected works which focuses on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and His role in our salvation.

Then Barth appears on the scene again with his monumental work on the doctrine of election in 2.2 of the dogmatics. I am excited to tackle this beast, but I am considering in investing in the study edition since my Greek and Latin is pretty good, but not Barth good.

Lastly I’d like to close out my year’s reading with Geerhardus Vos’ classic on Biblical Theology which I have started twice before but never completed.

Happy reading and I wish you well on this year’s theological journey!



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